Leadership team

Below is a list of our Elders (spiritual shepherds) and Deacons (practical servants) who together make up our leadership team. The leadership team also act as trustees for the registered charity of Glenrothes Baptist Church for OSCR.

  • John Belton (Elder)

    'Johnny B' recently married his wife Rachael Belton. Together they share a heart and passion for young people and the Gospel bearing fruit among the nations. They both serve extensively in the areas of discipleship and evangelism in the life and ministry of GBC. John is an agronomist, working with many local farmers. Rachael is a local primary school administrator.

  • Rev. Jacob Brothers (Lead Elder)

    Originally from Kentucky, Jacob has pastored various churches and served in various ministry roles for 10 years before coming to GBC in 2011. He earned a Bachelors degree in Biblical Studies from The Moody Bible Institute, Chicago in 2007 and is currently completing a Masters of Arts in Missiology with The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. Jacob is married to his wife Brittany and they are blessed with two beautiful daughters Natalie and Emma. 

  • Isobel Carlin (Deacon)

    Serving as Deacon of Vulnerable Member Care, Isobel coordinates the practical care of our vulnerable members. From visitation to transport, Isobel has a passion to see the love Jesus in action through GBC. Isobel is retired and devotes her life to serving others.

  • Helen Clarkson (Deacon)

    Serving as Deacon of Finance, Helen leads the finance team that sacrificially serve to ensure we are transparent and accountable as a church. Helen works in the finance department of the local council.

  • Stephen Galbraith (Deacon)

    Serving as Deacon of Operational I.T, 'Stevie G' is responsible for all information technology and systems within GBC. This includes the training and rota's for services and events. Stevie G works for an international finance company in Edinburgh as a senior programmer.

  • Mark Grant (Deacon)

    Serving as Deacon of Kids and Youth, Mark ensures are compliant with our child protection policy, the appropriate people are vetted through the PVG scheme and above all that, finds time to serve together with his wife in many of our youth and children's ministries. Mark is the head of department in a private school in Edinburgh.

  • Paul Greer (Deacon)

    Serving as Deacon of Discipleship, Paul organises various discipleship events, from periodic men's ministry to facilitating Christianity Explored. Paul works as an airline captain as his day job.

  • John Lamond (Deacon)

    Serving as Deacon of Building Preparation John oversees the readiness of the facilities for the various events and groups that use the building. This team also ensures our Health and Safety compliance.

  • Rev. Matthew Marshall (Elder)

    Matthew Joined us as assistant pastor of missions in August 2015. 'GBC' had been supporting Matt and Lorraine and their 2 kids; Elijah and Annabelle for almost 10 years while they served as missionaries to Romania, before they returned to the UK. Since returning Matthew has been serving with GBC and studying with Crossland Seminary and is now in his final year of studies. 

  • David McNamee (Deacon)

    Serving as Deacon of Worship, David is responsible for the practical needs for worship services in the church. Organising teams, equipment and supplies. David is a self-employed tradesman specialising in tiling and plastering.

  • Russel Robertson (Deacon)

    Serving as Deacon of Properties Maintenance Russell is responsible for the practical maintenance of the properties owned and operated by GBC. Russell leads a team that make sure everything is working and well presented. Russell is a self-employed and runs a  buildings maintenance company.

  • Loma Robertson (Deacon)

    Serving as Deacon of Administration Loma takes care of our church office, coordinating, reporting, and ensuring everything just runs smoothly.

  • Colin Roworth (Elder)

    Colin has served at GBC for over 40 years. He and his wife Sue have three adult children and six beautiful grandchildren. Colin recently retired from his work with the Banner of Truth in Edinburgh. At GBC Colin has served in various roles (the church treasurer for over 30 years), and preaches from time to time. He has a passion for theology, church history, and the glory of God.