Enviromentally conscious

Here at Glenrothes Baptist Church we have endeavoured to ensure our premises are as kind to the environment as current technology will allow us. Therefore we invested in the following Green features:-

1) Fully automatic L.E.D lighting throughout the building - there are virtually no light switches in the building meaning lights are only on when they are required.

2) 50KW Photovoltaic Solar Array (197 solar panels) - this system produces more than the required energy for our needs and feeds surplus power back into the local energy grid.

3) TESLA Powerwall2 (x3) battery packs - this system takes electrical power from the solar array and charges throughout the day, then runs our building through the evening and night. This means that we effectively run off the local energy grid from May to September. 

4) 120kw Hargassner Biomass Pellet Boiler; this system provides all of our hot water and heating needs through low carbon emission pellet fuel that is sourced locally.